Bothy Reconstruction Activities

Scenes from May/June 2004

30th May 2004

The base and framing of the van body are sound, so the first step was to bolt a plate around the base, then attach vertical studs to the wall and to the base plate.

The bothy was starting to show signs of wear and tear, so we decided to waterproof and strengthen it by cladding the sides and putting on a roof.

We had a production line turning out the various bits last week, so the erection of the studwork proceeded apace. The header rail drops into slots in the studs which hold it in place whilst it is drilled and bolted to the existing frame.


We had to remove the exterior lights to fit the cladding. Ian is here running the wires so that they will be concealed behind the cladding instead of running proud in conduits as was previously the case.

Smiffy giving the guided tour, something he does very well, managing to make it different every time.


A welcome distraction was provided by the unexpected visit of Brian and Michaela from Northampton and Milan respectively.

More snake wrestling activities. There will be additional lights mounted at the end of the bothy to help operations during the winter months. Work to gradually develop the infrastructure has helped our rate of progress to progressively increase over the past two years.


Ian coating the backs of the boards with preservative. If a job's worth doing...

The first side almost complete.

Two sides done. Thanks to Keith Robertson who dropped in for a visit during the afternoon and stayed to help.


End of a long day, at 8.15pm.


Robin fixing the 3rd truss in place. They are anchored with steel straps to the walls to withstand the winter gales.


6th June 2004

We got most of the 3rd side finished during the week, and Iain was busy with the paintbrush on Saturday. Ian poses with the first roof truss.



Robin fixing the 3rd truss in place. They are anchored with steel straps to the walls to withstand the winter gales.


Proof that Robin does sometimes need a ladder to reach things.

The pitch of our roof was dictated by the size of the sarking boards, but by coincidence it matches it's big brother across the fence quite closely. Here is the Caledonian Railway's new shed (Ex Highland Railway goods shed from Nairn) looking good in it's new surroundings.


Iain applying the preservative. He also painted the door and frames in Chrome Green. Just needs lining out, now...

13th June 2004

The framing above the doorway was also completed during the week, ready for the end truss.


The remainder of the trusses were finished up during the week. 

The trusses and sarking are all in place, Robin seen here nailing down the roofing material.

Iain fixing the trusses in place. 

27th June 2004

Over the past fortnight, the roof has been felted, eaves soffits and fascias fitted, along with guttering and a water butt, kindly donated by Mick Walton.

Starting to look a bit more like a shed, now. 


Final view of the completed bothy.

The completed bothy, levelled, and with lights refitted. Just the weathercock left to make...

Now the work is complete, the bothy doesn't let in water at the doors any more, and should be warmer in the winter. Thanks to Jewsons of Montrose who supplied the materials and to everyone who helped carry out the work to enable us to complete the job inside 6 weeks.

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