Remanufacturing of the tender cab roof

The tender cab roof was badly corroded, so we have fabricated a new one.

The photo below was taken in September 2003, and shows fabrication almost complete.

The old and new cab roof sheets are shown together. The new roof was rolled to shape then the profiles cut with a gas axe. Those parts of the original roof which could be salvaged were re-used.

In October 2003 the cab roof was bolted into place. Thanks are due to Sandy Mair (foreground) whose fork-lift and expertise made this a smooth operation. Final painting will take place in the Spring, when it warms up a bit.

All the joints are rivetted, as per the original roof. This proved something of a marathon obtaining rivet guns, making tools, etc. The easiest bit was actually putting the rivets in, which took about an hour. Ian and Max are hard at work, whilst Robin heats the rivets.


The Carmyllie Pilot Company Ltd 2004