The start of work on the engine

John removing a hot rivet from the forge, December 2009.

Billy and Aaron trial fit the piano front, Summer 2009. 

The running board trimmed back to accomodate the repair section, March 2009.

One of the new drivers side running boards being primed, March 2009. 

Aaron cutting the bracket for the cab side to allow it to be bent through 90 degrees, March 2009.

Iain match drilling brackets for the cab side, March 2009. 

The drawbar being heated in the forge, February 2009.

The drawbar after it had been straightened, March 2009. 

Part of the drawbar assembly, showing where it has worn against the drawbar, February 2009.

John removing the driver's side injector bracket, March 2009. 

Aaron needlegunning behind the bufferbeam, January 2009. Photo IAH Smith

Some of the brackets removed from the engine, with their replacements, January 2009. Photo IAH Smith

The repair to the buffer beam carried out in 1964 is clearly visible, October 2008.

The driver's cab side being bolted up prior to  rivetting, September 2008. Photo IAH Smith

Iain countersinking the holes round the cab window, September 2008.

The driver's cab side ready to be rivetted, September 2008.

Aaron burning out rivets to dismantle the cab roof, August 2008.

Robin cutting the new driver's cab side to shape, August 2008.

Smokebox door and retainer removed, April 2008.

Ian driving out the smokebox door ring, April 2008.

Lots of 1960's coal dust exposed by the removed driver's cab side, March 2008.

Robin dismantling the driver's cab side, March 2008.

Match drilling the RHS cab side to allow bolting up to take place, March 2008.

Ian and Glen admiring the newly assembled cab side and fire iron tunnel, March 2008.

RHS cab side with all the sub-assemblies rivetted in place. September 2007.

RHS cab side almost completed. July 2007.

Iain trial fitting the new RHS running board sections, July 2007.

Iain and Jim lining up the cab support plate ready for match drilling, July 2007.

Dave and Ian drilling out the new cab side, using the old one as a template, January 2007.

Dave and Robin removing studs from the frames, March 2007.

Iain posing with the fireman's cab side following it's successful removal, November 2006.

We have set up a temporary bench to fabricate the new cab sides on. December 2006.

The firemans side of the rear frames completely stripped down, November 2006.

Gerry burning off bolts on the engine dragbox, January 2007.

Robin burning rivets to remove the footplating, November 2006.

The underside of the new sandbox lid, with the original for comparison, April 2006.

John and Iain assess the state of the engine dragbox, April 2006.

Finished parts primed ready for re-assembly, March 2006.

Robin and Iain forming the head on a rivet, February 2006. Photo: Bill Rebecca

One of the completed brackets being trial fitted, February 2006.

The hot rivet being put in place. The 'hold-up' rivet snap can be seen mounted in the anvil, February 2006. Photo: Bill Rebecca

Bill supervising operations as Ian drives another rivet home, February 2006.

Robin heating one of the brackets prior to bending it back into shape, February 2006.

Iain preparing one of the brackets for welding. Several parts were gas-axed during the move from Aviemore to get the engine on the low-loader. 


The Carmyllie Pilot Company Ltd 2009