Work to complete the tender

John cutting out the gasket for the water scoop intake blanking flange, March 2007.

The completed blank installed and ready for painting, March 2007.

The completed pre-heating oven with one of the tender axleboxes, December 2006.

The right hand trailing rear spring hanger, showing where the large bush has disintegrated and worn into the link itself.

Max, Davie and John Villiers putting up the tender steam heat pipes, July 2006. Photo: Iain Smith

The tender spring hangers, showing some of the small bushes ready for pressing in, April 2006.

The cab roof receives it's second coat of cream paint, April 2006.

The repaired tender ladder, April 2006. The repaired section is between the 3rd and 4th rungs from the bottom.

Ian setting up to cross-drill the tender brake cylinder mounting bolts, February 2006.

The completed tender brake cylinder mounting bolts, February 2006.

The re-bushed brake spring link trial fitted on the weighshaft, March 2006.

Ian turned up each of the studs and welded them onto the steps. January 2006.

The first two step blanks bent into shape, ready for welding and grinding, January 2006.

Ian and Robin bending up one of the steps, January 2006. Photo: Iain Smith

Iain removing one of the tender steps, January 2006.

The tender hand brake before stripping, January 2006.

One of the weighshaft bearings. The light circular mark in the base of the rear part shows where the locating pin has broken off. December 2005.

Ian checking the weighshaft journal for accuracy. A slow task, but doing it this way will save us several hundred pounds which can be better spent elsewhere. December 2005.

The weighshaft, showing the journals either side of the central crank, December 2005. 

Close-up view of one of the journals. The bearing casting has been assembled for a trial fit, but we are getting new ones cast as both sets are damaged and well worn. The worn quadrant of the journal has been built up with weld and is in the process of being ground to size. December 2005.


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