Dismantling and removal of 46464 to it's new site

View showing 46464 shunted into position for the lift, but prior to the removal of the springs and cab roof.

The photo below shows the size of crane we had to hire to carry out the lift.

The boiler being lifted. In the foreground can be seen the ballast which we had to spread to provide a good bearing surface for the crane.

The frames being lifted. They were the heaviest single item, at approximately 16 tons.



The boiler being set down.

Another view of the frames being lifted. Most of the weight is concentrated at the front.

The entire lift was completed in 2 1/2 hours, but it took two months preparation to get to this point. Thanks to Ashley for the hire of the crane and for the expert advice, and particular thanks to Sandy Mair and Mick Walton for their help to dismantle the engine and for their efforts on the day of the move itself.

The Carmyllie Pilot Company Ltd 2005