(Photos in reverse chronological order)


Relaxing at John and Jane's after the directors Christmas dinner, December 2004.

Ian preparing one of the tank sections for painting, February 2005.

View of the site looking east, January 2004.

Iain, Ian and John take a break from needle-gunning the tender cab, September 2004.

Davie Murray in between grinding up tender tank baffle repair sections, August 2004. Davie has a wealth of experience gained over many years working with No. 9 'Union of South Africa', and we are lucky to have his help. 

Iain and friend, August 2004.

Ian and Iain inside our bothy/workshop during a bacon roll break, May 2004.

Robin Taylor, John Yule and Ian Hopley show off the new CPCo. corporate image. These boiler suits are being proudly worn as far away as Kent. If you would like to buy one, please e-mail us.

John Yule dismantling one of the tender springs March 2004.

Davie Murray grinding up the tender front ready for the new steel to go in, March 2004.

Ian with some of our organ pipes, March 2005.

David Fraser resplendent in boiler suit, September 2004.

John relaxing with this month's 'Steam Railway', May 2004.

Bill Rebecca, one of the 'Friends of 46464' with Iain, May 2004.

The site at night, March 2004.

Davie Murray and Robin Taylor take yet another break. You can see the wooden former for the replacement tank front being offered up. March 2004.

John and Robin at work dismantling springs and cutting the steel to patch the tender tank front, March 2004.


Directors and wives at the Nazma restaurant in Aberdeen. L-R Max, John, Jane, Iain, Alison, Ian, Christiane and Robin.


'I don't care if your name is Sir Nigel Gresley, you're not on the list'. Mick Walton in assertive pose.

The diehards, having run out of food, glumly consider alternative supplies.


The Carmyllie Pilot Company Ltd 2006