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Some 46464 facts and figures

Class:                     2F 2P 2MT           

Region:                   LMS

Wheels:                  2-6-0

Designer:               H.G.Ivatt

Weight:                   Loco  47 tons  2 cwt           
Cylinders:               Two    16"  x 24"     (outside)                     

Driving Wheels:     5' 0"

Boil Press:             200lb/sq in

Valve Gear:            Walschaerts (piston valves)

Tractive Effort:       17,410 lb


Introduced December 1946. Ivatt design with taper boiler and incorporating modern features such as, Self Cleaning Smoke Box, Rocking Fire Grate, Hopper Ash Pan and  Enclosed Engine Cab with matching Cab on Tender, which along with inset bunker sides allows the loco to be as effective and comfortable to the crew in reverse as much as in forward.

Number Series 46400-46527.

46400-46419 Built by London Midland & Scottish Railway Crewe Works.
46420-46464 Built by British Railway's Crewe Works.
46465-46502 Built by British Railway's Darlington Works.
46503-46527 Built by British Railway's Swindon Works.

46400-46409 Lot No. 182 1946 Crewe
46410-46419 Lot No. 189 1947 Crewe
46420-46434 Lot No. 194 1948 Crewe
46435-46449 Lot No. 201 1949 Crewe
46450-46459 Lot No. 207 1950 Crewe
46460-46464 Lot No. 208 1950 Crewe
46465-46527 No Lot Nos. available